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Brief E-Lites Review

One of the best and the finest e-cigarette companies in the UK market is E-Lites, a co-founder of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA). It is evident that from 2008 when it first entered into the market, the company has taken quite some time to evaluate the reception of its products in the market and has therefore indulged in endeavours to improve every bit of its products. This is probably the reason why the e-cig company already commands a customer base of over 600,000. All these people are enjoying something, which is the reason we want to get a look into what makes E-Lites such a favourite among e-cigarette users.

There are a number of things that every e-cig user wants from their e- cigarette. Some of them prefer flavour and strength, portability of the charging case, battery life, as well as the overall appearance of the product too. E-Lites manufacturers have kept all these on mind, the reason why they have ended up producing such a high-end product.

When we talking purely about appearance, E-Lites’ can never be overestimated. Every user of this product comments on just how the two kits (currently the E-Pro4 kit which is selling at £64.99 and the E80 E-cigarette starter kit that sells at £25.99) are elegant. The E-Pro 4 kit comes with 5 stylish cartomisers, housed in a fascinatingly attractive black box that is very similar to that of the traditional Marlboro cigarette. The box, which opens by pulling off the top cover, sports a clear plastic window that is meant to let potential buyersget a glimpse of the handy charger inside. Something you should note about the charging case upon opening the box is a blue LED screen that indicates the charge remaining. Inside the box is: an easy-to-read user manual, 2 batteries and 5 cartomisers, USB-to-mains adapter, a USB charging cable and a charging case. Unlike SkyCig’s charger, which looks rather generic, E-Lites has made sure that every of the E-Pro4 kit parts are near perfection.

One thing that E-Lites has not ventured in, however, is offering their customers different flavours. Unfortunately, they have stuck with the traditional regular-strength tobacco and light-strength tobacco unlike their competitors who are offering flavours like mocha mist and cherry. Due to their limited number of flavours maybe, this kit comes with a compulsory regular-strength tobacco thus neglecting a subset of users’ preferences. This in turn forces the customer to purchase packs of other flavours, mostly out of curiosity.

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