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Brief Green Smoke UK Review

An international e-cigarette provider, Green Smoke has 3 main e-cigarette kits: the Love Bird, Pro and Express. This article mainly explores the Express Kit, a £55 e-cigarette that appeals to most buyers. The e-cigarettes have several flavors and a limit of up to 360 puffs.

The Green Smoke Express e-cigarette is not only responsive but has a traditional look too. It comes with a 1-year warranty complete with 30-day refund period. In terms of flavour it offers a lot. However, it does not come with a charger and the USB cigarette is unappealing.

The e-cigarette has a traditional look. Its layout however compensates for some of its drawbacks. There is a false latch to the front, at the back a picture of cigarette and user manual. Accessories like rechargeable battery, a charging adapter, a USB e-cigarette, 5 cartomisers, tips card are available. The USB cigarette looks cheap, however, the battery is of quality build, with golden connection threads and the brand name encircles the battery at the LED end.

The Express kit promises 350 puffs bit only offers 180. There are Vanilla Dream, Tobacco Gold, Smooth Chocolate, Red Label tobacco, Mocha Mist, Menthol Ice and Absolute Tobacco flavours. Nicotine is available in various strengths. At a zero level is 0% nicotine, ultra light 0.6%, light 1.2%, full 1.8% and strong 2.4%. In ultra light and strong level there are no Tobacco Gold and Mocha Mist. The 2-piece system has a pleasant vape. Generally, the flavours are not different from what other brands offer.

On a single charge the express kit Green Smoke UK e-cigarette lasts up to 3hours. The long battery takes long to charge because it has 270mAh, 110mAh more than the short battery. The battery is simple to charge as long it is fitted correctly to the USB and plugged into the mains.

The starter kits come with a 30-day money back guarantee. A refund will be given and a return procedure initiated. A 1-year warranty covers all purchases done through their website. This covers you from technical defects that are not user related. There are no warranties on cartridges.

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