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Brief Intellicig Review

Since the introduction of Intellicig into the UK market, it has slowly developed to a global brand from the high number of people who use it across the world. It has a gained a competitive advantage in the worldwide electronic cigarette arena due to its excellence. This company has been producing 4 main kits namely the: Starter Plus, Express, and Premium that also vary in prices. This has enabled them to beat many competitors in the world through these kits and affordable prices for their e-cigarette users.

What are some reasons you should buy Intellicig products? First, they are cheaper to refill, and cost less when compared to what the market offers. This means that on purchase, you will save some money that you could have spent on buying from the competitors. On the contrary, the following are some of the reasons to reconsider: it is a 3-piece system, it has a short warranty, and finally it has no mains adapter. However, despite the above, this e-cigarette still stands out as the best amongst e-cigarettes around the world.

Upon purchase, you will get a “wallet” that has the empty vapour device, battery, and USB charger, that will enable you use the e-cigarette after reading the short description on the product. If you are buying this product, make sure that you have all the above ingredients to allow you use your e-cigarette. Intellicig also has a portable charge case that will enable you to carry it as you walk from one place to another, making it one of the best e-cigarettes in the world today.

On the buyer’s guide, you should always ensure that you buy the original brand since there are other firms that duplicate this brand. It has a choice of four nicotine strengths and three flavours. Remember that the nicotine strengths range between 15mg to 0mg in increments of 5. The above distinctive features should always help you make a wise choice if you are buying this product.

Intellicig also has a 30-day guarantee policy enabling you to enjoy this remarkable e-cigarette without worries. In conclusion, if you are thinking of the best e-cigarette in the market, then Intellicig offers the best solution for you.

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