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Brief Vapestick Review

Despite being founded less than five years ago, VAPESTICK has handled to determine itself within the UK market having a progressively growing local subscriber base. Residing in Middlesex, the organization manufactures and sells a number of e-cigarette kits and add-ons. Kits range in cost from £30 to £45 focusing on budget-conscious or first-time e-cigarette people who smoke. Not remarkably, their electric cigarettes are a 2-piece system composed of the cartomiser (cartridge-atomiser) and also the battery.

This review will concentrate on their Next-Gen XL Starter Package, which has a recommended market cost of £42.99. The package includes (1) charging situation, (2) blue LED-tip batteries, (2) USB charge cables and (5) assorted cartomiser flavours/ talents. This package appears to become focusing on exactly the same customers as ROK Universal tries to attract using their original starter package as summarized by the same listing of contents and other alike prices (£44.99).

VAPESTICK refurbished a lot of their e-cigarette products together with adding electronic shishas. Let’s start with what they’ve transformed when it comes to their disposable electric cigarettes. The firm has selected to introduce menthol-flavoured disposable electronic cigarette with 1.8% nicotine content. The disposable e-cig’s flavour is similar to the e-liquid from the pre-filled cartomisers supplied with their rechargeable electronic cigarettes. The downside of their disposable electric cigarettes is the lack of options for nicotine.

The Single XL Starter Package is totally new and it is offered like a lower listed option to their premium rechargeable e-cigarette starter kits. Presently selling for £19.99, the XL Starter is £10 under the least expensive starter package provided by the company last year. Incorporated within the Individual XL Package are 1x rechargeable XL battery, 1x USB and 2x cartomizers charger. The standard rechargeable battery included is equivalent to the main one within the next-Gen XL Starter and is rated at 180mAh. My experience produced roughly 140 drags when fully charged. The Individual XL Starter will come standard with original flavour at 1.8% nicotine concentration. The USB adapter works through the standard screw-in mechanism. For under £20, the only XL Starter from VAPESTICK is a great choice for individuals searching to test e-cigs without emptying your wallet.

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